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Winter in the Upper Galilee

There is nothing more beautiful than the green Galilee in the winter and spring months, although it is not recommended to enter the water, but it is highly recommended to walk near them, to observe the green landscape, the white Mount Hermon and the Blue Kinneret.


Countless hiking trails and attractions await travelers in the Golan and Galilee during the winter.

Travel along the mountainous Jordan

Beginning of the route: Gesher B'not Yaakov.

End of the route: Moshav Karkom.

The duration of the trip: about an hour or two depending on the amount of stops.

On Road 91, about 500m before the B'not Yaakov Bridge, from the west, turn right onto a dirt road.

The road continues for about 15 km along the Jordan River and next to it there are a number of amazing observation points on the valley, the Jordan and the Sea of Galilee.

Hula Lake

The autumn, winter and spring seasons are best suited for visiting the lake and watching the migratory birds and animals in the area. During this period the lake and its surroundings resemble a small African savannah.

You can rent a bicycle, electric golf cart or walk the track.

Hula lake is a 15-minute drive from our complex.

More attractions

In addition to the hiking trails, you can enjoy other attractions throughout the Galilee, Golan Heights and the Sea of Galilee, such as jeep and ATV tours, horseback riding, mountain and cable car slides, spas and heated pools.

You are welcome to ask us about additional itineraries and get recommendations

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