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Old City and Rosh Pina Stream

Rosh Pina - the mother of the Galilee colonies, which was founded in 1878 as "Gei Oni", is considered the most touristy town in the Galilee. The stone buildings, the old sidewalk, the Baron's Garden and the stream that flows throughout the year, are only part of the charm of the town.
Its central location in the Galilee, provides easy access to all the existing attractions in the area ...

Wine Toasting

Wineries and wine tastings

The north and the Upper Galilee in particular are saturated with vineyards and wineries of all kinds. Large wineries and boutique wineries waiting for you with visitor centers, tastings and a wide range of tours ...

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Winter in the Upper Galilee

Winter in the Upper Galilee is a special experience with a feeling of being abroad. The clean air, the gray sky and the green color present everywhere, are just some of the European and special atmosphere that you feel when you arrive in the Galilee during this period ...

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Summer in the Upper Galilee

Summer in the Galilee and the Golan Heights is an experience in itself, countless cool and pleasant water sources, a large selection of attractions and hiking trails and all you have left to do is just come and have fun!

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