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Old City and Rosh Pina Stream

Rosh Pina, the most famous tourist town in the Upper Galilee, attracts thousands of visitors from Israel and the around the world every year.

A picturesque and fascinating place, combining nature, history and modernization, along with amazing hiking trails, water sources, ancient stone buildings and special artists' galleries, in a central location close to all the attractions of the Galilee and Golan Heights.

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In 1882, the colony of Rosh Pina was founded at the foot of Mount Canaan in the Upper Galilee.

In the upper part of the colony you can reach the old town, where there are ancient stone buildings from the period of its establishment, special galleries of local artists, the ancient synagogue that is still active today and stone buildingsspectacular and beautiful.

Among the ancient stone buildings, hides the "Baron's Garden", a garden planted by Baron Rothschild's officials in about 1886, and has since maintained its beauty and color from season to season. Seating areas, benches and lawns are surrounded by green and varied vegetation, with hidden stone paths and an endless staircase leading to the gallery area and the old town.

At the top of the garden hides a special local pub among the trees, with a special atmosphere

נחל ראש פינה

Wadi Rosh Pina, also called 'Nahal Rosh Pina', is one of the most beautiful wadis in the country, with a challenging hiking trail, special views and a stream that flows all year round.

The wadi is most famous for its spectacular and special almond trees blossoms every year in the month of Shevat, which covers the entire wadi and valley in white and pink colors.

The wadi can be reached on foot through the old town or by car which can be parked in the arranged parking lot at the entrance.

Above the parking lot is the ancient cemetery of the colony with graves from its inception. This cemetery is still active to this day and is used by the residents of Rosh Pina.

The itinerary is circular and takes about 3 1/2 hours, with a medium-easy difficulty level, And at any time you can turn around and return to the beginning.

The stream accompanies the hikers throughout the route and stems from three springs:

Ein Gei-Oni, Ein Pina and Ein Kadan.

When completing the wadi route there is a crossroads where you can choose whether to continue up the mountain towards Safed, or turn right and return back towards Rosh Pina and the old town.

The end of the route is located at Nimrod lookout, at the top of the old town, overlooking the valley and the Golan Heights.


* There is an option to start the hiking trail at Nimrod lookout and at the parking lot of the wadi.

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