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Summer in the Upper Galilee

There is nothing better and more refreshing than soaking in the cool water on a hot summer day.

Sloping with clear water sources in the shade of trees, the Upper Galilee is the best refuge during the hot summer months.


Even in the summer you can find a lot to do, of course hiking trails and places with water sources are desirable.

Equip yourself with swimwear, sunscreen, water bottles and plenty of mood.

Private tubing track in Nahal Snir

Duration of the route - about an hour.

Here there is no need to stand in line and purchase tickets as is customary at the well-known and masses attractions of kayaking and tubing cruises scattered throughout the Galilee.

All you need for this fun and refreshing experience is an pneumatic tube (can be purchased at the tire shop), clothes that can be wetted and if you have taken equipment with you (which should stay dry) you must also bring airtight bags.

It is advisable to reach this track with two vehicles one for the beginning of the route and one at the end but not necessary.


Beginning of the route:

About a kilometer east of Kibbutz Amir (Road 9779), turn north onto a dirt road and after about two kilometers you will reach the 'Eucalyptus parking lot', from where you start the tubing route.

The water is shallow but very cold, you can stop by the banks of the stream on the way. The end of the route is parallel to Kibbutz Sde Nehemia.

Ein Tina - Dardara, Road 918

About 4 km south of Kibbutz Gonen, there is a parking lot in the shade of eucalyptus trees next to a clear water pool.
You can soak in the cold water and climb to the source of their spring.

About 3 km south of there is the Dardara parking lot. A shady place with tables and a flowing stream. From the same road there is access to the Jordan River where you can take a dip.

More attractions

Of course there are many hiking trails and water sources, including the Sea of Galilee (which is about a quarter of an hour's drive from us), springs and streams in the Golan Heights, Rosh Pina stream and many other options.

You are welcome to ask us about additional itineraries and get recommendations

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